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28 Dec 2010

Be careful!!

December 28, Day of the Innocents  December 28 marks a day of celebration exclusively Spanish called the Day of the Innocents.  Although the roots of this day are bloody, in modern times, the customs practiced on this day are very jovial and fun.   The anniversary of the murder of many children committed by Herod in Judea, . On this day, people play inocentadas (pranks or practical jokes) on friends and relatives: people make jokes hoping that the victim believes the false thing. When people get caught, the joker says: "Inocente, inocente!" ("Innocent, innocent!"). The newspapers and other media are in on the joke as well, reporting false news for the people to figure out.

Ask your parents!
Were they very naughty preparing and making jokes?


  1. Have you suffered any jokes?
    Do you enjoy making them?
    Please, tell us your favourite!!!

  2. To me, I spent a joke a website. '' http://www.formulatv.com/'' everything that gets in it is a lie. The truth is a good joke for those like me who likes television gossip.