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21 Apr 2011

King's Cup


  1. I didn´t like the match. In the first half,they playing without elegance or tactics, by both teams. The Real Madrid did not deserve to win, however the Barça should not win the Cup. I just wanted to enjoy football and fair play and enjoyable, with millions of fans, but both teams have disappointed me. Yes, I'll be honest: I would prefer that the Barça won the Cup.
    Today,we meet again to watch to play our favorites (although we are of Deportivo too) and I at least hope the good football that, if they want, they can offer these two teams.

    Gema 1ºB

  2. I love the match!
    Cristiano put an awesome goal.The Real madrid deserve win ALWAYS.

  3. Noelia Andrade 1ºATuesday, 03 May, 2011

    The King's Cup must is of the BarÇa

  4. The King's Cup is deserved for Real Madrid F.C.