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27 Oct 2011

Galicia & Catalonia in Navarra


From Sunday 13th to Saturday 19th November
Departure 8.00 am
 IES Monte Neme

Teachers' phone 639574995

 Dear students,
During the stay in Navarre you are going to live with students from Catalonia. Hooray!

You have to share your rooms - three students from Galicia and three from Catalonia, so you must organize yourselves into groups of THREE PEOPLE.

Remember to wear warm clothes. It will be cold!

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  1. Angel Cancela 2º ASunday, 30 October, 2011

    how to find and where with whom we played in the rooms?

  2. Ángel,
    YOU have to decide the students you want to share your room with. But remember only three students. Up to you!

  3. Noelia Andrade 2º ATuesday, 01 November, 2011

    This is fantastic!
    The fields of the hostel are very long and big.The swimming pool are incredible!
    I love this place!!!

  4. Diego Esmoris 2ºBSaturday, 05 November, 2011

    I'm looking forward to the trip, we will go great

  5. Daniel Lorenzo 2ºBSaturday, 05 November, 2011

    I´m very exciting.I want to visit Navarra now.

  6. The hostel is fantastic!But the front is some posh... I hope that Fernando Daniel Juan and I can go in the same room. Let´s to crosse our fingers!!!I think that this trip will be very funny:)

  7. I´ve seen Lekaroz web. It looks great!! I´d like that all our classmates go to the trip...