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15 Feb 2012

Our teachers Presentations 1st ESO

 Miguel, Jairo, Aarón, José Antonio, Brais and Carlos about the takecare Luisa

 Lois, Amanda, Nerea, Ana and Leticia about Sandra

 Eloy Carbajales and Eloy Ferreiro abaout Juan Carlos

Rubén, Daniel, Daniel, Anxo, Adrián and Martín about Sandra

 Mabel, Vanessa, Andrea, Beatriz and Andrea about Mª José

 Daniel, Carlos, María, Tania, Yago and Claudia about Paula
 Alba, Yaiza, Amanda, Alba, Anxo and Diego about Mª José

Ainhoa, Luna, Inés, María, Marta and Irene about Paula


  1. Daniel Padín 1ºB Martín Caamaño 1ºA:
    We think it is very fun and interesting.

  2. Hi, boys and girls!
    Don't be shy and post your comments!

    It was your first time and you did it very well.
    Well done!

  3. Andrea Mourelle Lista 1ºB:
    I like all the interviews because they are very interesting and entertaining.

  4. Claudia Lamas PeriscalFriday, 24 February, 2012

    I like the interviews , I tihnk it's funny and interesting.I also like the interviews of 1ºA