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31 Jan 2013

The Year I Were Born...

What important things happened the year you were born? Post your comments!


  1. Mother Teresa, legendary figure transformed into religious and Nobel Peace Prize for his work in the service of the poor in Calcutta died of a heart attack at 87 years of age.in 1997
    The health status of the Nobel Prize-whose silhouette dressed in a blue and white sari was known worldwide

  2. Ana Viaño Vazquez 2ºB
    In 1999, the peseta change the euro
    In Moore a tornado killed 38 people was the strongest tornado to that registered in world history
    In Holanda presented on channel opening on Endemol Gran Hermano reality

  3. The three most important events in 1999 were:
    -Gunter Blobel won the Novel Prize in medicine
    -Finished the years 1000 and started the 2000
    -One earthquake kills 17000 people in Turkia
    Leticia Santos González 2° B

  4. Andrea Mourelle Lista 2ºB
    In 1999 there was 3 importants events:
    -The euro is established.
    -Escaped 345 prisoners in Brazil.
    -Günter Blober win a Nobel Prize.

  5. Claudia Lamas Periscal 2ºB
    Events in 1999:
    -The peseta was change for euro.
    -EE-UU delivery the control of the channel of Panama, to this town.
    -In Izmit,Turkey,had a heartquake of 7,6 degrees.

  6. Amanda Ramilo Amor 2ºB
    In 1999 , EEUU threw the Mars Polar Lander , a space probe to investigate Mars . It was also the year that Notting Hill , the movie , was released in the cinemas and SpongeBob SquarePants was showed for the first time in EEUU.

  7. Aarón George Miraz Cotelo 2ºB

    -Berlin becomes a black page in its history to compensate the "slaves" of nazism.
    -Russian Paratroopers take the confrol cool border Chechnya and Georgia.
    -The centrist leader Primakov announced that will be submitted to the presidential of Jun.

  8. Marta Fernández Fraga 2°A
    When I were born, in 1999 there were some events like:
    -Amsterdam's treaty came into force.
    -Family Guy showed on TV its first episode.
    -Star Wars was released in the cinemas.

  9. Irene García 2ºA
    The year I was born (1999)it happened many interesting things, like, for example:
    -The famous basketball player Michael Jordan left the NBA.
    -Céline Dion and Madonna won the 41th Grammy edition.
    -The Red Hot Chili Peppers presented their album: Californication.

  10. Ainhoa Canedo 2º A
    When I born,there were some interestig tings,like that:
    -Was declared: International Year of Elder
    -Was published the film: Matrix
    -Was born Juan Valentín de Todos los Santos Urdangarin y Borbón the grandchild of the King and the Queen of Spain.

  11. Inés Abelenda Cambón 2ºA
    In the year I was born happened many things like:
    -At the 41st Grammy edition,winners were Céline Dion and Madonna.
    -The famous basketball Michael Jordan left the NBA.
    -The peseta was change for euro.
    -EE.UU opens the series SpongeBob in Nickelodion.
    -EE.UU cartoon network series premieres Ed,Edd and Eddy.