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21 Feb 2013

TV and Me


  1. Martín Caamaño 2ºA
    My favourite TV show is "Castle". It's a police drama that takes places on New York. Too I like "La que se avecina", it's a comedy programme.

  2. Daniel Padín 2ºB
    My favourite programme is "Deportes Cuatro".It´s a sports programme.It´s very interesting and it´s spanish.

  3. Anxo Abelenda Rio 2ºA
    I mind "La que se avecina" isn´t funny.I prefere the comedy programmes. the best comedy programme is "Big bang theory".One of protagonist is Sheldon, he are crazy geek but very funny her pharse "bazinga" make laught and t-shrits around the world

  4. Claudia Lamas 2ºB
    My favourite programmes are medical dramas,they are very interesting,exciting and you learn very much about medicin.I don't agree with Daniel because sports programmes are very boring,I hate that.

  5. Marta Fernández Frag 2A ESO
    I'm a big fan of police drama, the best it's Bones and I like Castle too.
    I also love Frank of the Jungle, you learn a lot of things about animals and it's very funny too :) But I can't stand chat show, the worst is Sálvame!

  6. Leticia Santos González 2º B
    I agree with Marta, chat show are very boring. My favorite programmes are the comedies "La que se avecina" is the best comedy in Spain for me. I also like police dramas for example Castle

  7. Inés Abelenda Cambón 2ºA
    I´m a big fan of the police drama, my favourite is castle because is interesting and funny. Also I like the comedy programme, like "La que se avecina".I agree with Leticia, because the chat show are very boring the worst is "Hay una cosa que te quiero decir".

  8. Irene García García 2ºA
    I agree with Marta. I love police dramas, and my favourite is Bones too. It's great! I really recommend that police drama. I think Castle is fantastic too.
    I don't mind comedies. I agree with Anxo, Big Bang Theory is very funny.
    I can't stand soap operas, like Soy tu dueña or Gata salvaje, they are all the same!
    I hate chat shows too. the worst is Sálvame. It isn't a chat show, because they don't chat, they only shout! :(

  9. My favourite programme is Top Gear , it is very funny and interesting.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXqSedWSu2k http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NZ9X9A2efA

  10. Ana Viaño Vazquez 2ºB
    I agree with Irene I love Castle and Bones they´re interesting and fun.My comedy is Aída and La Que Se Avecina also is very funny and I hate Salvame it´s very boring and very , very stupid.

  11. Jose carlos Calvete Varona 2a

    My favourite tv programme is "la que se avecina" because is funny.l don't like Bin Bang Theory because is boring.

  12. Amanda Ramilo Amor 2ºB
    I´m a big fan of police drama, like Ana. The best is Castle and Bones, they´re very interesting! I also love Frank of the Jungle, like Marta, it´s very funny because Frank teach interesting things about animals and you learn a lot of Thailand´s culture. It´s very cool!;) I don´t mind cartoon but I like The Simpsons too. I can´t stand chat shows like Salvame. Everybody hates it! :(

  13. I agree with Amanda, I love police drama like Castle.But I hate chat show, it's boring like "Salvame" or "Ana Rosa". I like documentaries of Medium Age and Dinosaurs too, like " Caminando con monstruos".

    Anxo Blanco Antelo 2ESO A

  14. Adrián Barreiro García 2ºA
    I agree with Anxo A., because I like Big Ban Theory. I agree with Leticia too because La Que Se Avecina is a very funny program. I also like How I Meet Your Mother and sports programmes, like Deportes Cuatro or Marcagol. I HATE SALVAME, it's boring and lasts 4 hours...

  15. Andrea Mourelle Lista 2ºB
    I agree with Leticia "La Que Se Avecina"is the best program on the TV.I also like "Increíbles"."La Que Se Avecina" and "Increíbles" are the best programes in Spain.I hate chat show like "Sálvame" because the collaborators are very,very crazy.

  16. Ainhoa Canedo 2ºA

    Claudia,Do you really like medical dramas? I prefer police dramas.I don´t like medical dramas because I hate blood.Police dramas are more mysterius and intresting.Castle and The Mentalist are my favourite.
    I like comedy programmes too like Modern Family,La que se avecina and Dos hombres y medio.

  17. I like watching comedy programmes. My favourite is "La hora de José Mota". It´s
    really fun. It always makes me laugh. I also like game shows like "Chino Kudeiro".

    Daniel Gende Arijón 2ºA.

  18. I agree with Anxo,I like castle,but my favourite programme is "La que se avecina".I also like documentaries about savages animals.I hate reality shows like "Gran hermano".
    Daniel Bolón 2ºA

  19. Yaiza CALVETE Varona 2ºA

    I like documentary and police drama because educational and interesting. But i don't like ´´Ana Rosa´´ because is boring

  20. Tania Suárez Vázquez 2ºB

    My favorite TV series is called 'The Simpson' es fun. Now I see it only on weekends week.