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26 Apr 2013

50,000 visitors!

Leave a comment and win a lollipop!!
from 29th April to 3rd May



  1. Marta, Irene and Inés 2ºA
    Congratulations! This blog is great! It has got a lot of fun posts and many photos and videos of our activities.
    PS: when will you give us a lollipop? :)

  2. Pablo Lorenzo 3ºBMonday, 29 April, 2013

    Congratulations for the Nemehill! It's wonderful how this blog is growing up every day with he help of all the classmates that they never forget write a little in it. A big hug! And I hope that the teacher will give me a delicious candy...

  3. Irene García 2ºA

    Congratulations again, but this time, I write alone...
    I like very much this blog. It's fun and useful, because I can learn new thigs that I didn't know of English.
    And...I always laugh a lot when I watch the videos and the photos of our activities on class!
    Well, any way, this blog is fantastic! I hope it grows to 1000000 blog views!
    PS: thanks for the lollipop :)

  4. Alba Cerqueiro Vazquez 1 ESO AMonday, 29 April, 2013

    this blog has 50,000 visits . M.Carmen congratulations.

  5. Marta Fernández Fraga 2A
    Congratulations again!! I like so much this blog, because I learn new things and I like a lot seeing the photos and the videos of our activites and of other classmates. I hope the blog will get 1.000.000 visits (and you'll give us iPhones ;) And thanks for the lollipop, it was delicious :)

  6. david dominguez fondo 1º aTuesday, 30 April, 2013

    Congrulation Maria Carmen this is blog 50.256 visitors.. i like the fotos

  7. Diego Abelenda Vallebona 1-A ESOTuesday, 30 April, 2013

    Mari Carmen congratulations you've created a great product and already has 50,000 views amazing!

  8. jairo zaldaña campos 1-aTuesday, 30 April, 2013

    Congratulations to nemehill to have and their 50000 visits.

  9. 50,000!!!does not surprise me, this blog is the best!!!!! By 50,000 more. ;)

  10. Martín Rodríguez 1ESO BTuesday, 30 April, 2013

    Wow 50,000 visitors!!!!!!!! It´s incredibel. I think this blog has more than this.

  11. Paula Calvete 1º ESO-AWednesday, 01 May, 2013

    The blog is fantastic,we learn a lot with the, Congratulations , and I hope you have many more visitors!!!

  12. Noelia García Cancela 1º-AWednesday, 01 May, 2013

    Congratulations for the 50,000 visitors!! This blog is fantastic and when I have got a problem with the homeworks of english this blog it helps me.

  13. Ainhoa Canedo 2ºA

    Congratulations!! That blog help us to learn.Are very funny recording videos and after that watch them here.I hope you have many more visitors!!

  14. Yovana Cancela 1ºAWednesday, 01 May, 2013

    This is fantastic, thank you for fun in this pag ^_^

  15. Our deepest congratulations to Mrs. Teacher! It's amazing to see how this blog grew up through out the years! And it's a pleasure for all of us to say that this is one of the blogs with the best music ever seen! LoL
    Keep up with the good work, next objective 100.000 visitors (easy LoL)

    Kind regards,

    The Gentlemen Band.

  16. Amanda Ramilo Amor 2ºB
    Congratulations!:) I love this blog, it´s very interesting. I learn a lot of things and it´s cool because it has our pictures about activities in class. Thanks for the lolipop!

  17. Ana Viaño Vazquez 2º B
    This blog is very interesting and funny . I love it and I like visit it and photos. Thanks for the present

  18. Leticia Santos González 2ºB
    I like this blog because I learn a lot of interesting things. Congratulations:)

  19. Yaiza Calvete Varona 2ºA

    I like this blog because is interesting and funny.

  20. congratulations for you blog M.Carmen have a 50 000 visits!!!!!!!!!

  21. Juan Rodríguez Canosa 1º ESO-BThursday, 02 May, 2013

    50,000!!!We'are many visitors.This blog is the best of all.Congratulations!

  22. Iria Garcia Souto 1-aFriday, 03 May, 2013

    I like lollipop, is´t fantastic .My favorite blog is Neme hill.

  23. The nemehill is a blog fantastic.the blog has many interesting things and so have many visits.the best are the lolipop is delicius

  24. Sara Nieto Juncal 1°BFriday, 03 May, 2013

    I love this blog is fantastic becouse the idea the lollipops is geat. This is the most famous glog and seen has 50,000 visit

  25. Alba Mato Souto 1BFriday, 03 May, 2013

    Congratulations to Nemehill by 50,000 visitors. I love lollipops

  26. Angel Rodriguez VerdesFriday, 03 May, 2013

    Congratulations to or blog hope these visits are 50,000 or so
    visits are startedand they keep growing or blog

  27. Isabelly Ferreira Castro 1ºA
    Congratulations! This blog is great. Hope you have more visits! :)

  28. María Casal Calvo 1º ESO-A
    50,000 visitors! This blog is very popular! How wonderful! All have contributed to the visits, and hopefully get a higher number!!!!

  29. 50,000 visitors!!!!Congratulations!!

  30. Adrián Barreiro 2º A
    Congratulations!! I like your blog because I didn't know a lot of things an now I know. :)