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9 Feb 2011

Be my Valentine!

Dear students,
this week you have the opportunity to send your love messages. You can do it anonymously.
Don't be shy and post your sweet comments here.


  1. To Tatiana

    You are beautiful, I love you. But I don't say my name!

  2. To Anty:

    You don't realize how much I need you. I should have know better with a girl like you, I'm gonna love every thing that you do, and I do. I love you.

    From someone of 1B

  3. To Natalia (L)
    You're precious and your eyes are more beautiful than sea. I love you my girl!
    En Valentine's Day you shall have a rose or perhaps more, because you're lovely.

    Kisses and hugs.

  4. To Olga:
    You never thought about that could have a admirador. You're the more intelligent and very nice. We have a great friendship and I don't want it lose. I love you

  5. It's Valentine,but,wich's my ideal girl?
    I'm free.

    Alex Vázquez 2ºA

  6. The Valentine's Day is wonderful, the people send roses and bombones to her boyfriends or to his girlfriends, but they sometimes send gorses too.

    Tatiana 2ªA

  7. I love you!

    Ya tu sá Tati :)

  8. I want to tell him: I love you!!
    You are the best of my life and you know this.
    Everybody knows who he is

  9. Nana,Of course, that we know for who is.
    My opinion is that the love is very nice, but i prefer being a single woman.

  10. I prefer be a single boy,too.

    Alex Vázquez 2ºA

  11. I love it when you hold my hand
    and I love having
    the courage to grab and hold yours.
    This is my message to the person I love=)

  12. Thank you to Tati,Olga,Anty,Anxela,Nana and the three Alex from second.You are the best in the world to me. I need you.

  13. Alex, your message is fantastic. Yolanda, thanks to you, you're a great friend.

  14. I love you I don´t deny
    you want me I don´t know.
    But if anything I'm sure
    is that I never will forget you.
    This is my message of love.

  15. I love amanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    anonymus 1B

  16. A friend is someone who knows all your defect goes on being your friend. Thanks Saray

  17. i love Andrea Ilove you more my mother I LOVE LOVE YOU ??????????

  18. to alba maria the 1 a
    I love you