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2 Feb 2011

West Palm Beach

Amy and Matt are bored. They don't want to study for their exams – they want to have a good time. So they drive to the marina at West Palm Beach, and Matt jumps onto one of the boats. 'We can go anywhere!' he jokes. But when the owners of the boat come back and find them, Amy and Matt are in deep trouble. Matt is a good swimmer and enjoys scuba-diving, but now he must dive for their lives.


  1. Florida are now in my favorite places list.

    Gema 1ºB

  2. Of Florida, my favourite place is Miami.
    I go there when I have more age.
    Natalia Sánchez 2ºA

  3. I wish were in this wonderful beach.It's a exotic beach.

    Alex Vázquez 2ºA

  4. I love Florida! Miami Beach is the best site of the USA.
    I go live here haha

  5. Florida is a beautiful and exotic place. When I get older I want to go visit. Miami beach is fantastic, i want to go see it.

    Tatiana 2ºA

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