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25 Nov 2011

Adele vs Los Vázquez


  1. Which one do you prefer?
    Express you opinion and vote for one!!

  2. Dear Teacher:
    Please, next time you give us a song in class; please, choose Adele or something similar instead of the "music" of Lady GaGa, Quique Iglesias or Katy Perry.
    My ears are going to be better; thanks

  3. I think Adele is a very good singer, and this song is very beatiful. But Los Vázquez sing very good, too. Fer, he is Enrique Iglesias, no Quique...... Lady Gaga is the best.

  4. Dear Fer,katy perry and lady gaga it's similar to adele,but adele it's more boring.

  5. i love the songs of los vasquez better than adele the one that sings it u go girl ...

  6. Hey guys!
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    If not they will be removed.

  7. Adele sing very good.But the girl of Los Vázquez,for be little sing very good too.