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13 Mar 2012

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

The Film
The Book


  1. Those who saw the film in class can leave their reviews and opinions just now.

  2. I like this film,although was a bit sad.
    In my opinion,Bruno's father should lend more attention to Bruno and not worry so much about their work.

  3. The story is very emotional and I think a great representation of reality, but the story is very sad.
    I still think a great way to learn about Nazism and everything to do with Hitler.
    Is a great movie.

    laura souto 2 º A

  4. Hi!I have loved this movie , i think it was the second film that i liked more.
    Almost made me mourn in class.Is a movie that shows you many things and shows you how live was before and the part i liked most was when Bruno knows the other child and start to look good. It´s sad but i loved it.