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29 Mar 2012


Mr Bean in Toilet

Cat using toilet & paper toilet


  1. It might be a disgusting post but I imagine most of you enjoyed the last lesson very much.
    Leave your comments, please!

  2. These photos and video of mr. Bean are great fun and the class the other day was interesting, but a little strange ...
    I think we still had fun.

    Laura Souto 2ºA

  3. Noelia Andrade 2ºAFriday, 13 April, 2012

    Mr.Bean is always funny.
    And this videos of cats in the toilet are very funny

  4. Daniel Lorenzo 2ºBSaturday, 14 April, 2012

    Mr. Bean is very funny, he is my comic favourite chapter. my favourite history when he is in the curche,it's very funny.
    I recomend it for you it's fantastic