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1 Mar 2013

Film Genres


  1. The film "Django Unchained" I liked it because it recalls the era of the black slavery, and how difficult it was to be happy. Also looks like the rich had absolute power and dominated throughout and others. I think this movie is very good and would recommend it to everyone who likes the story and action.
    The best thing about the movie for me was when the protagonist was unchained and when he tried to get his wife enslaved. Also liked the part where Django sacrifices himself to save his wife.

    1. This comment was written by Leticia 3ºB

      The teacher

  2. Amanda Ramilo Amor 2ºB
    I loved the movie more than I expected although I´m not a big fan of western films. It´s based in the time of black slavery and how hard it was to live there if you were black. It has been very hards scenes that make you think how the people could be so bad and violent, but there were also funny moments.
    I liked all parts of the movie except when they abused to the Django´s wife and other black people. What I liked least was when the best friend of Django, Dr. King Schultz, died.

  3. Ana Viaño Vázquez 2ºB
    The film Django somewhere is fun but sometimes is very violent (or at least for me) at the moment I'm enjoying much annoyed me when died the friend of Django , Dr. King Schultz.Broomhilda is very pretty and suffers much for Django.Am excited to see finish because I think will end well.

  4. Irene García García 2ºA

    I cannot say anything about the film "Django", because I didn't see it, but I really like the film "Life of Pi". It's a little strange film, but is also very good (it won four Oscars, I think) and I considere that it's very beautiful. It's sometimes a little sad too, because the main character (Pi) have to leave India, his home, his friends...to go to Canadá. In his journey, the ship in which he is travelling sinks and he have to survive alone.
    I think is an interesting and a great film, and I'm curious because we didn't finish see it, and I don't know what happens in the end.
    Any way, i recommend it :)

  5. Inés Abelenda Cambón 2ºA
    I loved the film "life of Pi", because is very beautiful and interesting.I didn´t see the film "Django",but I think that is violent. One of my favourite parts is when the whale out of the sea,because is a very wonderful scene. Also, I found it sad because Pi lost his family and he didn´t return to see to Richard Parker.
    I recommend it.

  6. Marta Fernández Fraga 2A
    I liked so much the film Life of Pi. It's really beautiful. One of my favourites scenes was when Pi was on the boat with the three animals, and when the hyena went to atack Pi , suddenly the tiger appears. The film is also sad, because Pi had to leave India and leave his love. But I want to know how it finishes and why Pi's story will do believe in God the man. About the Django film I can't give you my opinion, because I didn't see it. But I think it's too violent. I recomend Life of Pi, it's a great film! :)

  7. Andrea Mourelle Lista 2ºB
    This movie is a little wild because they kill people with little wing I did not like very much because I do not like the old western movies and those that kill people.When,Leonardo DiCaprio,cut the skull with the saw,him inadvertently,cut he´s hand.
    The german are very intelligent because he made amazing plans to get out of trouble.I can´t introduce my comment about the film:Life of Pi,because I can´t see them,but the people the people say it´s a good movie.

  8. Claudia Lamas 2ºB

    I like ''Django'' very much because it's very exciting and interesting.I don't like westerns but this is a very good film.It takes place in the past,in America.The music was OK but in the scens when they kill people it was very loud.It's a very violent film,for my opinion.My favourite character is Broomhilda because I think it's very brave and its a very beautiful women.I don't see ''Life of Pi'' but I think it's a very interesting film!

  9. Tania Suárez 2ºB

    I think Django is a very good western.But its got very violent and I don't like it very much this scenes.It takes place in the past.My opinion of the music is very bad because it's very loud in all the film.The best part of the film for me is when Dr Schulz save Django in more than one moments.

  10. Lois López Castelo 2ºB

    I liked very much Django because it is very exciting.It is one of my favourite films but people think it is very violent I do not think so.I do not like very much the music because it is very loud and i do not like countri music.The vest part was wen he destroyed all candyland.

  11. Lois López Castelo 2ºB

    I think life of Pee is one of my favourte films because it is very interesting and exciting.The actor who played Pee is very good.I think the music can not be best.My favorite part was when he trow out to the sea the tiger.