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5 Mar 2013

The Hunger Games


  1. In my opinion, the film is worse than books. Perhaps it's my fault, because i love the books and I had my expectations too high. I recomend to everyone read this awesome book series.

  2. Thank you Laura for your review.

  3. Amanda Ramilo Amor 2ºB
    I love Hunger Games! It´s my fauvorite film. It´s an action film and it takes in the future. I enyoyed it because it was very exciting and there was a lot of action. Some scenes were very violent.
    the actors were very good in Hunger Games. My fauvorite actress was Jennifer Lawrance. She played Katniss Everdeen. I thought she was cool!
    The best part of the film was when the main characters won the final battle. I hope read the books;)

  4. Ainhoa Canedo 2º A
    Amanda "The Hunger Games" are my favourite film at the moment too! It's a film very exiting and intresting.It takes place at the future. My favourite actress was Jennifer Lawrence because I want to be like her.She is brave and inteligent.
    The final are the best part of the film when the protagonists kiss.

  5. Claudia Lamas 2ºB

    I agree with Amanda and Ainhoa,''The Hunger Games'' is one of my favourites films,it´s very impressive and exciting,i love it very much and it's got lots of action.My favourite actress was Jennifer Lawrence too because she's very brave.For me the best part of the film is the end,because the two characters don't die.I want to read the books and watch again the film!

  6. Tania Suárez 2ºB

    I agree with Claudia ''The Hunger Games'' is one of my favourites films,it's very exciting and its got very action ,i love it.The best part of the film is the final battle.

  7. lois López Castelo 2ºB

    i can not say the same like claudia or tania.I think the music was not very good and the film is very violent.