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19 Oct 2012

PIN: Corpse Bride



  1. Ignacio Eirís 1ºAThursday, 25 October, 2012

    I like this film. It´s a funny and scary. I also like the kind of picture that is used. I like movies but with more color

  2. Isabelly Ferreira Castro 1ºAThursday, 25 October, 2012

    The movie is very funny and very interesting.
    Ami I loved it, is a bit sad, but fine equal
    was the end which I liked most when he married Victoria and Victor.

  3. Yovana Cancela 1ºAFriday, 26 October, 2012

    I loved the movie, a great mix of love and fear, with some very funny skeletons.Really great!

    1. Martín Rodríguez 1eso BWednesday, 31 October, 2012

      I like this film, was from love and fear and a funny skeletons. Was very exciting in the moment of the final wedding . Was a shame the substitles was could in Spanish.

  4. Ivan Gonzalez Docampo 1bSunday, 04 November, 2012

    This film is very fantastic,and funny.This film the saw in black and white.My favourite part is as Victor puts the ring is a corpse bride.Victor is a protagonist.The film the saw whith subtitules in english.

  5. Ángel Roríguez VerdesWednesday, 07 November, 2012

    The film of corpse bride I couldn`t watch it because I couldn` go to school some days but
    Icoul see the first pout of the film and I
    like it very much but the film hadn´t got
    subtitelles in Spanish.

  6. Alba Mato Souto 1º eso BWednesday, 07 November, 2012

    I really liked but it was a sorrow that they haven´t subtitles in Spanish.I understand the film because Paula stopped and translate it.

  7. Sara Nieto Juncal 1º ESO BWednesday, 07 November, 2012

    The movie is very intresting ang funny.I like quite but was fantastic because appear skeletons below the lan.We have fun too.But I saw.

  8. David Varela, 1ºBSaturday, 08 December, 2012

    I think that this film is funny and interesting; In my opinion, it is a quite sad, because Corpse Bride doesn´t marry with Victor. I believe that watching English films is good to learning