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2 Oct 2012


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  1. Claudia Lamas Periscal , 2º B.

    This part of the lesson it´s very interesting, we can learn other village's costumes.I love it.

  2. maria carbajales 2ºa
    Scotland has a lot of things to offer.

  3. Eloy carbajales Martínez 2ºA.
    Scotland is very cold.

    1. Amanda Ramilo Amor 2º
      I saw "Brave". It´s a really good film! Now, I want to see "Braveheart". It seems to be interesting.

  4. Irene Garcia 2ºA

    I saw Brave too! It's a very funny film set in Scotland.
    I think Scotland is a really interesting place to visit. It has a lot of thins to see and do. You can visit places, see the Highland games and try new types of food, like hagis!
    This post is interesting. I like it.

  5. Daniel Bolón 2ºA
    It´s very intersting the Scottish culture and tradition,because it looks a lot to our.The games of there require a lot of strong and they look funny .The Scottish residents think the same,for that they go to Highland Games.

  6. Marta Fernández Fraga 2ºA.

    I think that Scottland´s got a very interesting culture. I would like going there in the future. Because Scottish culture is similar than Galicia, and I also want to see the Scottish Games, they´re really original!

  7. Inés Abelenda Cambón 2ºA.

    It´s very interesting to know things about Scottish culture.Scottish culrure is very similar than Galicia.I saw Brave too.I love it!

  8. Leticia Santos González 2ºB

    This section is fun and interesting, because it has more or less as Scotland and as is their custom, they are also very similar to those of Galicia

  9. Aarón J. Miraz Cotelo 2ºB (The Best)

    I like scotish dance there are very fun but, I hate the kilts.

  10. Yaiza Calvete Varona 2ºA

    I think Scotland is similar to Galicia.
    Because the weather is cold and rainy.
    Their music and dance similar of to here.

  11. Jose Carlos Calvete Varrona 2ºA

    I like Scotland because it´s very green.

  12. Ana Viaño Vazquez 2ºB I would love to see brave and braveheart because are to be two interesting and fun

  13. Daniel Gender Arijón 2A

    Scotland is similar to Galicia. Bands play traditional instruments like bagpipes.

  14. Anxo Blanco Antelo 2ºA

    I think it's interesting but I already know some of it.But never bad to learn something new. I like it.

  15. Anxo Abelenda Rio

    This section is interesting,but I expected more of the sword dance.The fourth photo is very funny.

  16. How long I had not visited the blog!
    William Wallace ROCKS! Maybe this summer I will go to Ayr. I very like the Scottish and the Irish cultures!

  17. Alejandro Torres 4ºATuesday, 23 October, 2012

    I love Scotland!I dream whit go there any day!