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16 Oct 2012

PIN: The Mummy


The Mummy/Egypt 


  1. It is a very funny and interesting movie. It is also scary and exciting. It is about an ancient course in Egypt. The best is the spelling book part.

  2. We like this movie very much because it is funny but scary. It is also very interesting and exciting! The best is the mummy! They look alive. We were very nervous.

  3. Martín Rodríguez 1st eso BThursday, 25 October, 2012

    This film was very funy and scary too. The scary starts when the Mumie tered the eyes.The best funny part for me was when they was in the helicopter and the mumie did a sand wave.

  4. Sara Nieto Juncal 1st ESO BºThursday, 25 October, 2012

    The mummy was a very interesting movie, mysterious and a little scary.
    I loved the movie and I think the rest of the companions / well.
    This is about a man and his HIRMER you will find one of the city that Nadia finds
    It'm deseando see another movie and I hope it is so enthusiastically emocionanate,
    Ca Next hope to make another great movie review :)

  5. Angel Rodriguez Verdes 1º ESO BThursday, 25 October, 2012

    This film seemed to me one of them movies more fun, apasionantes y mistriosa
                                                                                                                                                                                    Las yo he seen in my life
    The film deals with one girl y su Hermanas who embark on the difficult adventure to find one ciudad lost but ello know they in this ciudad hay one former curse ejipcia. This curse is on them diez paid Egypt.

  6. Agustina Micaela Ocampo-1BThursday, 25 October, 2012

    I really liked this movie because it's very, very interesting ....
    my favorite part is when you wake the mummy and all class jumped and shouted some! for who has not seen it, very scary! q and the movie is about two brothers who find a key q .. but do not know that key esque Habre's book of the dead. When the girl reads ... wake the dead!! hahaha. Has parts horror, intrigue, suspense, love ... and more!

  7. Alba Mato Souto 1º ESO BThursday, 25 October, 2012

    I really liked the movie and was very bien.Ocurre in Egypt, I want to see her pronto.La movie is scary but also fun. Wish we put another that I like both.
    The part I liked was when he opened the "Book of the Dead".
    Every time I see the mummy makes me very nervous and I was not the only one.

  8. Hey guys! I think you are overuse the translator.:-(
    Please, use your dictionary!!! ;-)

  9. Juan Rodríguez Canosa 1º ESO-BFriday, 26 October, 2012

    The film is very interesting and mysterious.The film also has its moments of fear and intrigue.One part I liked most was when they discover the Book of the Dead.If I could see her again would not think twice.Undoubtedly, it was one of the movies that I like.

  10. Iván Gonzalez Docampo 1º ESO BFriday, 26 October, 2012

    Methinks a very interesting.O movie character I liked most was O `Connell and very ea brave .my favorite moment mummy awakens, not to like  me when everyone will egipto.A Favorite part of dou and horror when I killed bugs mummy no trunk

  11. Noelia Martínez Souto 1º eso bSaturday, 27 October, 2012

    For me the movie is terrifying,but also beatiful.I do not like was when the mummy to pull the eyes and tongue.My favourite part is when evy kisses o´Connell. The mummy is wicked and cruel.Evy is nice and has got good feelings.

  12. Kevin Rojas Souto 1º eso bTuesday, 30 October, 2012

    It´s a history wiyh many adventures. The main characters are in Hamunaptra { Egypt}.
    They want the book Amon-Ra. The mummy has got much fear of cats. Ultimately the protagonist Kill the mummy.

  13. Alba Mato Souto 1º ESO BTuesday, 30 October, 2012

    The film was funny. I would like to see again. It happened in Egypt. The best part was when Evy opened the << book of the Dead >>.

  14. Iria Aguiar 1º E.S.O. &quot;A&quot;Tuesday, 30 October, 2012

    The movie was amazing!
    Also was fun, interesting, and sometimes scary!
    "The Mummy" was made in Egypt.
    In the end Evy and Mr.O 'Connell kissed.
    I loved the movie "The Mummy"

  15. Ángel Rodríguez VerdesWednesday, 31 October, 2012

    The film is very,very intresting.
    This was a my fovourite movie
    the film is develop in Egypt,
    characters Mr.O´Conell this
    love Evy,is and brother.

  16. Ivan Gonzalez DoCampo 1BWednesday, 31 October, 2012

    The film is very interesting.Evy and O´Connell is characters main.My favourite character is O´Connell is great!! My favourite part is when open the book.

  17. Sara Nieto Juncal 1º ESO BWednesday, 31 October, 2012

    The movie is very interesting and funny.
    I love it but ,I scare when mummy jump from the grave.
    Hope see son the new movie.
    Hope that new movie is very exciting,funy and interesting.

  18. David Varela 1º BSaturday, 08 December, 2012

    I think that this film is better that Corpse Bride. in my opinion it is very interesting and funny but I was scared. I love O´Connell because he is very brave and I like the girl because she is very clever.