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26 Feb 2011

9 Feb 2011

Be my Valentine!

Dear students,
this week you have the opportunity to send your love messages. You can do it anonymously.
Don't be shy and post your sweet comments here.

8 Feb 2011

The Great Fire of London, 1666

It's London, 1666. It's a hot, dry summer. A small fire starts in a baker's shop in Pudding Lane. Soon the city of London is burning and the fire-fighters can't stop the fire. People are running from their houses down to the River Thames. But how does the fire begin and who can stop it? What is the King of England doing to help?

A game

The Great Fire told by children 3-4 years old

Toy version

Journey of The Great Fire

2 Feb 2011

West Palm Beach

Amy and Matt are bored. They don't want to study for their exams – they want to have a good time. So they drive to the marina at West Palm Beach, and Matt jumps onto one of the boats. 'We can go anywhere!' he jokes. But when the owners of the boat come back and find them, Amy and Matt are in deep trouble. Matt is a good swimmer and enjoys scuba-diving, but now he must dive for their lives.

1 Feb 2011

The People of London

   A foot guard                   A gentelman


Chesea Fans

 Pearly Kings and Queens


Chelsea Pensioners

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