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28 Nov 2013

Asking for Borrowing Things 1A

Rubén, Iago and Manuel
Pablo, Laila and Esmeralda
Amanda, Ainoa and Yurena
Rubén, Borja and Roi
Sebastián, Ángel and Ángel
Manuela, Laura and Nerea
Diego, Iago and Álex
Ricardo, Miguel Ángel and Facundo

27 Nov 2013

Asking for Borrowing Things 1B

Nerea, MªJosé and Luís
Brais, Adrián and Soraya

Paula, Alejandra and Vanesa
Alejandro, Nerea and Esteban
Adela, Nerea and Ana
Adrián, César and Jonathan
María, Ana and  Iria
Pedro and Cintia
Iria, Jonathan and Alba

20 Nov 2013

Scotland, The Dance of Sword

Max dances The Dance of Sword
Hey, Max. Where is the sword?
He is very brave and a fantastic dancer!!!
Thank you Claudia for your scarf

1 Oct 2013

Climbing Monte Neme 2013


Thank you teachers Antonio Losada, María Fuentes, Paula, Suso, Rosa and Laura

16 Sept 2013


Did you enjoy the summer?
Post your comments!

4 Jun 2013

PIN: At the Forum

They worked very, very hard!
Yovana, Alba, Alejandro, Ornella, María, Iria and Isabelly


30 May 2013

Welsh Food



Welsh Cawl

Welsh Rarebit


Bara Brith

26 Apr 2013

50,000 visitors!

Leave a comment and win a lollipop!!
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21 Apr 2013

At the Train Station

by Lois and Amanda
by Luna and Anxo
by Tony and Claudia
by Leticia, Andrea and Tania
by Ainhoa and José Carlos
by Paula and Carlos